Based in Cirencester, we are a well established FREE magazine recognised as the hub of local community information; with updates on news and issues affecting our businesses; articles of interest, puzzles, competitions, recipes, reviews and extensive local events listings. Advertising with us establishes your business within the local community, giving you presence and building confidence in your goods and services.

Over the years we have received excellent feedback from our readers and advertisers and constantly strive to provide an effective service to both.

Each month we distribute 12,000 magazines to homes and businesses in Cirencester and the surrounding villages of Baunton, Siddington, South Cerney, Cerney Wick, Coates, Kemble, Ashton Keynes, Somerford Keynes and Preston. We deliver door-to-door, using reliable local deliverers and back check each month to ensure quality of service.

Both current and archived magazines are available to view on our website, giving your business a continuous online presence. We also offer a leaflet printing and distribution service. Your literature can be targeted to different areas within our delivery range or delivered to all 12,000 letterboxes.

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We are currently booking for the January 2019 Issue, the copy booking deadline is Wednesday 19th December. Print and distribution dates are below:  (This is a guide, as very occasionally, dates are subject to change for reasons beyond our control, but we will notify you here asap)

Issue                  Copy Date      To Print         Distribution from:

Jan 2019       19 Dec        02 Jan        Sat 05 Jan

Feb 2019       23 Jan        29 Jan        Sat 02 Feb

Mar 2019       20 Feb        26 Feb       Sat 02 Mar

Apr 2019       20 Mar        26 Mar       Sat 30 Mar

May 2019      17 Apr        23 Apr        Sat 27 Apr

Jun 2019       22 May       28 May       Sat 01 Jun

Jul 2019        19 Jun        25 Jun        Sat 29 Jun

Aug 2019      17 Jul         23 Jul         Sat 27 Jul

Sep 2019      21 Aug        27 Aug       Sat 31 Aug

Oct 2019       18 Sep       24 Sep        Sat 28 Sep

Nov 2019      16 Oct        22 Oct         Sat 26 Oct

Dec 2019       20 Nov       26 Nov       Sat 30 Nov

Jan 2020        18 Dec       20 Dec       Sat 29 Dec